Alex Graydon

  • 5'10" | 170 lbs
  • Age: 26 (6/15/1990)
  • Hometown: Equality, AL
  • Current Residence: Tampa, FL
  • Turned Pro:
  • Stance: Regular
  • Cable Board: Slingshot Terrain
  • Boat Board: Slingshot Recoil
  • Sponsors: Slingshot, Ambush/Buywake
2016 Season
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Like most aspiring professional wakeboarders, Alex grew up competing on the boat scene in the WWA Jr. Pro Tour and riding cable on the side. Alex struggled to keep up with the highly technical riders such as Bob Soven and Steel Lafferty as he had a much more simple, yet much much more stylish way of riding. Alex then decided to move away from competitions and focus more on making videos and traveling the world, spending much of his time in the Philippines and Australia.

While you won't see Alex competing any more, you will see him at almost every cable competition sitting under a tent with a pen and a clipboard. Over the years he has earned the respect of professional riders as one of the best cable judges around. He's changing the way cable contests are judged, paying attention to the most minute of details and rewarding riders for clean tricks with style over sloppy more technical tricks.

Alex's Best Videos
ALa Cruzin UNCUT via BuyWake, 1.3.17
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Exit Thirteen via Jon Dickey, 11.19.15
Young Liars via Drew Austin, 7.30.15
One Footers via Bradlee Rutledge, 5.3.13
Southern Hopitality Tour #3 via Alliance, 2.6.14
Southern Hopitality Tour #2 via Alliance, 1.17.14
Back to the Boat via Natalie Simmons, 6.9.13
Something Different via Tyler Trant, 3.30.13
Graydon at McCormicks via Bradlee Rutledge, 12.4.12
SMG Magic Hour via Rick Graydon, 10.26.12
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