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Randall "The Vandall" Harris is one of the most respected riders in the history of wakeboarding, yet he doesn't have the epic list of career contest wins that one might think. The reason for that is due to the fact that Randall doesn't compete. He competed in a few competitions very early in his career but his style of riding wasn't respected so he dropped out of competition riding. Born and raised in California, Randall has a style that no one has ever seen. While he certainly isn't the most technical rider out there, one thing is for sure... he goes big. In fact, he has solidified himself as the standard for going big. Riding with a longer rope and faster speeds than any other rider, Randall is on a whole other level and he does things his own way. No vest. No helmet. Faster Speeds. Bigger Tricks. Tattoos. Drug-addictions. Alcoholism. Not to mention, he's also been stabbed multiple times. The man is straight-up gnarly.

Randall has certainly struggled with many things throughout his a career on and off the water, but his love of the sport is what keeps bringing him back. He's one of the most entertaining riders to watch and one of the early innovators of the sport. "The Vandall" is a legend.


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