Chris Abadie

Davis Griffin

Andrew Adams

  • 2014: Alliance Riders of the Year
  • 2014: Wake Awards Best Video Part - Chris Abadie from Drop the Gun
  • 2014: Wake Awards Best Video - Drop the Gun

Shredtown was started in 2009 by three very talented wakeboarders from Texas, featured above. These three indivisuals started posting videos that made every rider in the sport re-think wakeboarding. They are, without-a-doubt, the most creative and innovative wakeboarders in the world and they're pushing the boundaries of what anyone ever thought could be done on a wakeboard. No they're not inventing new tricks or throwing 1080's and you're not going to see them competing in any contests, but they're bringing wakeboarding to places no one has ever thought of going. Whether that means dropping off a 25-foot dam or wall-riding the side of a Penske rental truck, these three have gained the respect of every wakeboarder in the industry. Their talent and creativeitiy is most impressivly shown in their film Drop the Gun which will go down in history as one of the most creative wakeboard films of all time.

In 2015 Chris Abadie won the first ever Real Wake video contest as part of The World of X-Games, filmed and edited by Andrew Adams. The video achieved world-wide acclaim and will go down in history as one of the greatest wakeboard web edits of all-time.

Shredtown's Best Videos
Ride Engine Wetsuits via Ride Engine, 3.1.16
Real Wake Behind the Scenes via Shredtown, 7.21.15
Chris Abadie | Real Wake via X-Games, 7.20.15
Under Construction via Slingshot, 10.31.14
Drop the Gun Trailer via Andrew Adams, 6.3.14
TUBULAR via Andrew Adams, 4.30.13
PALLETS via Andrew Adams, 10.9.12
IN THE PARK via Andrew Adams, 7.25.12
SYSTEM 2.0 is FUN via Andrew Adams, 6.19.12
CIRCUSTOWN via Andrew Adams, 10.11.11
Best of Davis Griffin via Slingshot, 1.3.11
Best of Andrew Adams via Slingshot, 12.29.10
Best of Chris Abadie via Slingshot, 12.29.10
"Hakunamatata via Slingshot, 10.7.09
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