Name Description Invented By
313 Heelside Raley with a frontside 360. Shaun Murray
  315 (aka "Nickelodeon") Nick Davies
  317 Nick Davies
Backside 313 Heelside Raley with a backsideside 360. Brad Federspiel
  Backside 315 (aka "Con Air") Connor Jones
  Backside 317 Liam Rundholz
313-to-1 A 313 rewind Backside 180 Lior Sofer
90210 A Toeside Raley with a frontside 360. Mark McMamara
Toeside Raley 540 Lior Sofer
Air Backroll A backroll performed off the flats. Darin Shapiro
  Air Roll-to-Revert Darin Shapiro
  Air Roll-to-Blind Darin Shapiro
Air Back Mobe An Air Backroll with a frontside 360 Darin Shapiro
  Air Back Mobe 540 Jason Cooley
  Air Back Mobe 720 Busty Dunn
Air Double Half-Cab   Ethan Agius
Air Double Roll-to-Revert   Lior Sofer
Air KGB An Heelside backroll with a backside 360 Bernhard Hinterberger
  Air KGB 540 Nick Davies
Air Moby Dick A Tantrum with a backside 360 Lior Sofer
Air Pete Rose A Toeside backroll with a frontside 360 Bernhard Hinterberger
  Air Pete Rose 540 Marc Shuster
Air Scarecrow An Air Toeside Frontflip with a frontside 180. Bernhard Hinterberger
  Air Crow Mobe Bernhard Hinterberger
  Air Crow Mobe 540 (aka "The Dominator") Dominik Guhrs
Bel-Air An air toeside back-flip. Shaun Murray
  Bel-Air to Blind Parks Bonifay
Ben-Air An air toeside front-flip. Ben Hitch
Blind Judge Heelside Raley with a backside 180. Parks Bonifay
East Mobe A Toeside Frontflip 180 rewind 360. Frederic von Osten
Eggroll An Air Scarecrow performed by flicking off your heels using the whip out of a corner. Shaun Murray
Egg Mobe Nick Davies
Egg Mobe 540 Nick Davies
Heart Attack A S-Bend with a handle-passed backside 360.
Heart Attack 540 (aka "The Firer Attack") Guy Firer
The Hinterberger A Raley with an overhead frontside 360. Bernhard Hinterberger
Double Hinterberger (aka "118") Tom Watson
Double Hinterberger to Revert (aka "118 900")  
Krypt A Raley with a frontside 180. Originally named 'Kryp' Darin Shapiro
Oh Really A Toeside S-Bend  
Toeside S-Bend 540  
Toeside Double S-Bend  
Toeside Double S-Bend to Revert  
Toeside Triple S-Bend Lior Sofer
Raley A trick in which the rider's board is thrown out behind them in a "Superman" fasion. Darin Shapiro
S-Bend Heelside Raley with an overhead backside 360 Shannon Best
Double S-Bend  
Double S-to-Blind  
Double S-Bend BS 360 Lior Sofer
S-Bend Rewind Hinterberger Lior Sofer
S-Mobe A S-Bend with a handle-passed frontside 360 Chad Forrest
S-Mobe 540 Chad Forrest
S-Mobe 720 Liam Rundholz
S-Mobe-to-1 (aka "The Klein") Christopher Klein
S-to-Blind A S-Bend with a backside 180, landing blind. Darin Shapiro
The Sofer A Hinterberger rewind S-Bend Lior Sofer
Suicide Raley A Raley in which the rider let's go with both hands mid-air and then grabs the handle before landing Adam Errington
Toeside Blind Judge: A toeside Raley with a backside 180. Lior Sofer
Toeside Raley Backside 360 Tom Fooshee
Tweetybird An Air Whirlybird. Shaun Murray
Vulcan A S-Bend with a frontside 180. Parks Bonifay