Our recap is simple. Harley Clifford just became the first rider in the history of wakeboarding to land back-to-back, wake-to-wake double-flips in a contest run. A double indy tantrum followed by a double indy half-cab roll. Not only that, but he landed a THIRD double-flip off of the double-up at the end of his run, a toeside double back-roll, making him the first rider to land THREE double-flips in a single contest run, which resulted in another record - the first rider to score a perfect 100 at any boat competition in the history of wakeboarding. WOW!

This marks Harley's 5th consecutive podium at the Masters, and his second win, his last win coming in 2011. This also marks Harley's 5th consecutive win of the year, winning 6 of the 7 boat events he has competed in this year.
The defending champion, Phil Soven, rode directly after Harley and went for at all but come up short, falling on a two Crow Mobe 720's and failing to reach the podium. This is the first time Phil Soven has failed to make podium at the Masters since 2006.

In Women, Meagan Ethell took her second Masters win, her first coming back in 2012 before her knee injury.
Dallas Friday took second place landing on the podium at the Masters for the 8th time in the last 10 years! Both riders out-matched the defending Masters champion, Raimi Merritt, who took third.

May 22-24, 2015


Semi Finals Heat 1
1. Harley Clifford 92.33
2. Rusty Malinoski 87.67
3. Noah Flegel 82.00
4. Josh Twelker 67.33
5. Shota Tezuka 58.33
Semi Finals Heat 2
1. Phil Soven 87.00
2. JD Webb 81.67
3. Jimmy LaRiche 77.00
4. Dean Smith 75.00
5. Bob Soven 55.67
1. Harley Clifford 100.00
2. Rusty Malinoski 89.33
3. JD Webb 82.33
4. Phil Soven 66.00


Semi Finals Heat 1
1. Dallas Friday 84.33
2. Tarah Mikacich 77.67
3. Nicola Butler 60.67
4. Taylor McCullough 53.00
Semi Finals Heat 2
1. Meagan Ethell 82.67
2. Raimi Merritt 76.67
3. Erika Lang 66.67
4. Bec Gange 56.67
1. Meagan Ethell 88.67
2. Dallas Friday 80.33
3. Raiami Merritt 74.33
4. Tarah Mikacich 68.00