We took a lot of time dissecting videos to determine the top 10 videos of 2015 and it was certainly not easy. There were many incredible videos this year and we found it incredibly difficult to compare a great cable video to a great boat video. Everyone who's opinion we asked would give us something completely different than the person before so we spent a lot of extra time determining which videos should be on this list. We took into account every aspect of each video including, not only the level of riding but also the style, creativity, filming, editing and innovation of the film.

10. BUSTY DUNN 2015

Rider: Busty Dunn

Our number ten pick brings an up-and-coming rider from Australia named Busty Dunn and this kid will blow your mind. He won the last stop of Wake Park World Series in both and traditional cable and features only division, beating out James Windsor and Tom Fooshee, and also won the kicker contest with the world's first GRABBED 1260. Once Busty graduates from high school and he can travel more he's going to take the world by storm and he will be the rider to beat at every contest he enters.