"Stand Out" Award Graeme Burress
Best Trick - Park Raph Derome
Best Trick - Gap Dom Hernler
Best Line Raph Derome

EVENT DATE: MAY 1-3, 2015

Athens, TX - The Shredtown Crew is proud to announce the official dates for their first ever event, the JAMBOREE.

This Authentic and Original gathering will be the first of it's kind featuring the most progressive lineup of park riders the sport has to offer. The JAMBOREE is a private event which will take place in Athens, Texas at the world famous Shredtown Ranch over a period of three days. Within this time period 20 of the worlds best park riders will be pushing each others rider to new heights at the Shredtown System 2.0 park as well as a bi-level plaza.

The mission of the JAMBOREE is to capture the incredible riding that's sure to unfold when the top rail riders in the world gather to push themselves, and to share the entire experience online through a series of videos to be released in the week following the event.

Chris Abadie Daniel Grant Dylan Miller
Davis Griffin Oli Derome Dom Hernler
Andrew Adams Graeme Burress Ben Leclair
Raph Derome Kaesen Suyderhoud Steffen Vollert
Bob Soven James Windsor Marc Rossiter
Kevin Henshaw Chris O'Shea Felix Georgii
Nico von Lerchenfeld Brenton Priestley Aaron Rathy
*WILDCARD - Justin Teich

*WILDCARD: The Shredtown Crew reserved 1 wildcard spot for the JAMBOREE in which riders had the chance to submit a one minute edit of their best rail riding footage to Videos were narrowed down to the top 10 entries and were then shared online and voted on by the wakeboarding community through a click to vote format. Final voting ended on April 8th with Justin Teich winning the Wildcard spot. His and the rest of the video submissions can be seen below.

1. Justin Teich (1,419 votes)
  • From: Phoenix, AZ
2. Alex Graydon (1,299 votes)
  • From: Equality, AL
3. Wesley Marc Jacobsen (591 votes)
  • From: Charleston, SC
4. Austin Pratt (413 votes)
  • From: Orlando, FL
5. Oliver Bremlund (280 votes)
  • Rider: Copenhagen, Denmark
6. Tanar Pigrenet (176 votes)
  • From: Sacramento, CA
7. JB O'Neil (140 votes)
  • From: Austin, TX
8. William Klang (97 votes)
  • From: Gothenburg, Sweden
9. Nick Dorsey (84 votes)
  • From: Ardossan, AB
10. Dusin O'Ferrall (48 votes)
  • From: Vernon, BC