A fantastic final by every rider in the heat. Shota Tezuka absolutely killed it in his run, throwing down three 900 variations in his first pass. Noah Flegel also put down a fantstic first pass and in his second pass something happened that no one had ever seen before. His second pass whent like this - a perfect 360 to rewind backside 180, a toeside 900, and as he cut into the wake for his third trick, his rope snaps! Noah sank into the water with the handle in his hand and an utterly confused look on his face. The boat then picked him up to return to the dock for a new rope, returned to the spot in which he fell and the driver turned around and took off before the waves had settled and Noah was unable to perform any tricks leaving the entire audience very confused as to what had just happened. After a few minutes, the boat returned with Harley Clifford in tow, who absolutely killed it, as he always does. After some discussion it was decided that Noah Flegel would get a third chance to complete his run. As the boat returned the driver waited plenty of time for the waves to settle before taking off as Noah finished his run with a Backmobe 540, Whirlybird 540 and a Melon 540. Watch the video here.

Women's Qualifying start time was moved back over two and a half hours. The original start time was replaced by Men's Jump 1 & 2. By the time Weomen's wakeboard started, it was night time and all heats were completed under the lights. There was a furhter delay in heat two as it started to rain and the wind really picked up, but that seemed to pass by rather quickly. Congratulations to Erika Lang who is competing in her first every Pro Women's competition and has made it through to finals.