It's that time of year when we go back and sort through all of the wakeboard edits released over the course of the 2016 season, and determine who did it best. As we all know it's incredibly difficult to compare a boat edit to a cable edit to a winch edit, as it often seems like trying to compare an episode of Breaking Bad to an episode of Game of Thrones. After many hours of deliberation we've assembled a well-rounded list of videos that encaptures the best of every aspect of wakeboarding throughout the 2016 season. Please take your time watching each video in it's entirety, and read through the short descriptions to really appreciate all the hard work these riders have put into their riding. Each video is unique and will likely open your mind to new possibilities. Enjoy :)


Rider: Tony Iacconi

Tony broke onto the boat scene this year and made waves by beating many of the top wakeboarders in the world and finished the season ranked #2 in the Pro Wakeboard Tour and the Wakeboard World Series. He goes massive on almost every trick and he's the only rider in the world known to have landed a Front Blind Mobe (1:02), a trick he landed at almost every contest this season.