About this time of year, there's not a lot going on in the wakeboard world so many of the professional riders flock to the Philippines to enjoy the warm weather and train at one of the greatest wakeboard complexes in the world. Six years ago Patrick Wieland brought us a film that came at a time of change in the wakeboard world as cable riding was just taking off, and a new generation of wakeboarders was just entering the scene. Most of the riders in this film were just starting to make a name for themselves and at this point no one knew that many of them would go on to dominate the cable wakeboard scene in the years to come.

Take some time to appreciate the early talent of these very young riders as they all helped pave the way for whate cable wakeboarding is today: Daniel Grant, James Windsor, Dylan Miller, Oli Derome, Jeff McKee, Manu Rupp and the Shredtown crew.