It's almost July which means we've reached the six-month mark of 2015 and we've already seen some incredible videos released and some of the most impressive riding we've seen in the history of wakeboarding. The level of talent the young riders in this industry have is absolutely unreal and we're so excited for the rest of this year and the years to come. The Real Wake videos drop in a few weeks as part of X-Games and most of them will probably blow this top 10 list away, so we wanted to get these out before they're forgotten. Take your time with this list to really appreciate how much time and effort each and every rider and filmmaker put into each film as each one will be sure to impress you.


Rider: Yonel Cohen

Yonel's older brother Julian created this edit full of impressive drone-flying paired with Yonel's incredible rail riding and style. While some may disagree with the song choice, it pairs nicely with the editing and you can't deny how much you enjoy watching Yonel ride. This was filmed only a few months before he landed the world's first backside 1260 and we know he has more massive tricks he wants to land before Wake Awards in September.