The talent in wakeboarding keeps getting younger and younger and it's always impressive to see what these young kids in the world are doing. We are proud to give to you our first annual Top 10 Super Groms list! This list was very difficult to put together as there are so many groms with so much talent in the world but we're pretty confident we've got the best of the best right here. We've selected the current top 10 Super Groms (Age 13 and under) that we predict are well on their way to making careers out of wakeboarding and might just become the next best rider in the world. Enjoy :)


We're going to begin our list with 13-year-old Kieran Owens from England. Kieran was the youngest rider to podium at the 2015 British National Championships in the Boys division, taking 2nd place. He also won Cable Ties Wake Open and the Clothes for Kids competition in England, beating out riders older than himself. He's also already landing some advanced-level air-tricks with some massive Vulcans some Air Back-Mobes. Also keep in mind, this video was made last year when her was only 12!