Riders who actively participate in cable competitions. By no means does this mean these riders can't or don't ride boat, as many of them do. It just means that cable riding is their strong suit, and choose to focus on their cable riding.

Battleday, Jack
Battleday, Joe
Bishop, Blake
Blanik, Ariano
Carne, Bobby
Charraud, Jules
Cohen, Julian
Cohen, Yonel
Davies, Nick
de Haan, Sam
Derome, Oli
Derome, Raph
Dreiling, John
Dunn, Busty
Firer, Guy
Fooshee, Tom
Georgii, Felix
Grant, Daniel
Gührs, Dominik
Gunn, Aaron
Hernler, Dom
Kapl, Timo
Klang, William
Klein, Chris
Leduc, Nicolas
McIntosh, Conrad
Mistaudy, Louis
Muncey, Matty
Nadal, Clement
Neville, Jamie
Oka, Guenther
O'Neill, JB
Patry, Brady
Peacock, Liam
Peacock, Ryan
Pelot, Jake
Rundholz, Liam
Rutten, Daniel
Salmon, Victor
Sofer, Lior
Szolath, Szebasztian
Töller, Miles
Tremmel, Bene
Turba, Philipp
van Helvoort, Max
Vollert, Steffen
von Lerchenfeld, Nico
Windsor, James

Angus, Courtney
Djupsjö, Carro
Freyer, Anne
Hatten, Deanna
Lopina, Jamie
McCullough, Taylor
Meijer, Sanne
Nikstad, Anna
Pagnini, Claudia
Rick, Julia
Rougier, Maryh
Sapulette, Maxine
Schriber, Angelika
Weinhauer, Vanessa