Riders who actively participate in boat competitions. By no means does this mean these riders can't or don't ride cable, as many of them do. It just means that boat riding is their strong suit, and choose to focus on their boat riding.

Adam, Damien
Carroll, Tony
Clifford, Harley
Derome, Oli
Derome, Raph
Digney, Elliot
Dowdy, Mike
Flegel, Noah
France, Cobe
Harf, Danny
Higham, Tyler
Iacconi, Tony
Lafferty, Steel
Langley, Jeff
Malinoski, Rusty
O'Caoimh, David
Oka, Guenther
Pelot, Jake
Piffareti, Massi
Primrose, Christian
Rapa, Nic
Siegele, Parker
Takahashi, Mizuki
Teunissen, Cory
Tezuka, Shota
Thollander, Danny
Twelker, Josh
Watt, Lewy
Webb, J.D.
Yun, SanyHyun

Butler, Nicola
Djupsjö, Carro
Ethell, Meagan
Friday, Dallas
Gange, Bec
Gregorio, Giorgia
Kell, Zahra
Lang, Erika
Lopina, Jamie
Marquardt, Melissa
McCullough, Taylor
Meijer, Sanne
Mikacich, Tarah
Mills, Chloe
Virag, Alice
Virag, Chiara
Wing Smith, Amber
Yun, HeeHyun