Dylan Miller


It's hard to say if Dylan Miller is actually a "pro" rider as he doesn't compete in pro contests any more and he's not known for any technical tricks, but one thing is for sure; the man is one of the most creative wakeboarders in the sport. Dylan started his career competing in boat competitions like everyone else, but having not found success Dylan looked elsewhere for motivation, and started thinking out-side the box.

Dylan has since established himself as a respectable free-rider putting all of his effort into making videos. He's one of the few riders pushing one-footer tricks which many riders avoid attempting due to their high-risk of injury. Dylan is also known as the man behind Wake Zeach, posting about the 'wackness in wake'. Like your typical Canadian, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and someone that just likes to have a good time and always seems to have a positive adittude. Be sure to follow him on throughout the season as he'll be sure to either impress you or make you laugh.


2018 X-Games Real Wake via Trevor Bashir, 9.6.18
West Rock Edit via Matty Mullholland, 8.9.18
Hit the Road | In the Park via O'Neill, 4.23.18
Welcome to Sesitec via SESITEC, 4.13.17
The Solo via slingshotsports, 9.20.16
Splashin' | Dylan Miller via Alliance, 6.21.16

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