Yonel Cohen became a well-known name within the wakeboard industry when he became the first rider to land a Backside 1260 in 2015 (which you can watch here).

Before he landed the backside 1260 however, Yonel was able to do something no rider had ever done that was far more impressive, and that was to land all eight 1080's. He swore he would not claim it until he captured them all on film, and it took him nearly three years to do it, but he has finally accomplished what he set out to do and he can claim it all for himself. If you did not know there were eight different ways to spin, here is what they are:

Heelside Frontside
Heelside Backside
Toeside Frontside
Toeside Backside
Switch Heelside Frontside
Switch Heelside Backside
Switch Toeside Frontside
Switch Toeside Backside

Christopher Klein and Timo Kapl are also rumored to have landed all eight 1080's however they are still working on capturing all of them on film.