Wakeboard tricks have some very creative names which often have nothing to do with describing the trick being performed. If you're new to wakeboarding this can be very confusing so this list is design to help you out!

Name Description Invented By
009 Toeside Frontside Osmosis 540 to Olay 360 Matt Sims
313 Heelside Raley with a frontside 360. Shaun Murray
315 Heelside Raley with a frontside 540. Chad Forrest
317 Heelside Raley with a frontside 720. Nick Davies
3 to 1 A 360 rewind backside 180.
3 to 3 A 360 rewind 360. Renamed the "Zero" by Massi Piffaretti
90210 Toeside Raley with a frontside 360. Mark McMamara
Back Mobe A Backroll with a frontside 360 Scott Byerly
Batwing Toeside Raley with an Indy grab. Darin Shapiro
Bel-Air An air toeside back-flip. Shaun Murray
Blender A wrapped Back Mobe Eric Perez
Big Worm Toeside front roll with a frontside 540. Handle is rotated above the head. Todd Brendel
Billion Dollar Baby Tantrum to fakie 360 Bob Soven
Blind Judge Heelside Raley with a backside 180. Parks Bonifay
Blind Pete Toeside back roll with a backside 360. Danny Harf
Crook A Whirlybird with a rewind 180 to fakie Shaun Murray
Crow Mobe Toeside frontroll with a frontside 360. Parks Bonifay
Dum Dum Toeside frontroll with a backside 360. Shane Bonifay
Elephant A Scarecrow with a rewind 180. Gregg Necrason
Eggroll An air Scarecrow. Shaun Murray
Fat Chance A switch Slim Chance. Scott Byerly
(180, 360, 720)
A spin trick in which the rider rotates their board over the rope rather than passing the handle. Darin Shapiro
Fruit Loop Toeside front flip with a backside 180. Mike Weddington
G-Spot A toeside backroll to blind. (AKA "Patriot Missile") J.P. Grieve
Half-Cab Roll A switch Roll-to-Revert Darin Shapiro
Heart Attack A S-Bend with a handle-passed backside 360.
Hasselhoff A switch hellside Front Flip with a backside 180. Thomas Horrell
Hinterberger Heelside raley with an overhead frontside 360. Bernhard Hinterberger
Hoochie Glide Heelside Raley with a Method grab Gator Lutgert
KGB Heelside backroll with a backside 360. Gregg Necrason
Krypt A Raley with a frontside 180. Originally named "Kryp" Darin Shapiro
Mexican Roll A heelside backroll in which the rider throws their head and body down instead of to the side. Often referred to incorrectly as a heelside frontroll. Andrea Gayton
Moby Dick A Tantrum with a backside 360. Keith Kipp
Number 2 Toeside front-roll with a backside 360. Darin Shapiro
OHH "Other Hand Hoochie" A Hoochie Glide with the other hand. Adam DelVecchio
Orbital A backside 360 in which the rider goes off-axis and swings their board over the rope rather than passing the handle. Darin Shapiro
Pete Rose Toeside backroll with a frontside 360. Scott Byerly
Raley A trick in which the rider's board is thrown out behind them in a "Superman" fasion. Darin Shapiro
Roll-to-Revert A backroll with a frontside 180. Darin Shapiro
Roll-to-Blind A heelside backroll with a backside 180. Gregg Necrason
S-Bend Heelside Raley with an overhead backside 360. Shannon Best
S-to-Blind A S-Bend with a backside 180. Darin Shapiro
S-Mobe A S-Bend with a handle-passed frontside 360. Chad Forrest
Scarecrow A frontroll with a frontside 180. Brannon Meek
Skeezer A switch Crow Mobe. Scott Byerly
Slim Chance Heelside front-flip with a frontside 360.
Slurpy A wrapped toeside backroll with a backside 360.
(A wrapped Blind Pete).
Zane Schwenk
Special K A wrapped toeside backroll to blind
Speedball Heelside double front-flip. Darin Shapiro
Spiderman A Whirlybird thrown holding onto the handle with your back hand rather than your front hand Ricky Gonzales
Suicide Raley A Raley in which the rider let's go with both hands mid-air and then grabs the handle before landing Adam Errington
Tantrum Heelside back-flip Eric Perez
Tantrum-to-Blind or "T-to-B" A tantrum with a backside 180, landing blind. Darin Shapiro
Temper Tantrum A double Tantrum. Parks Bonifay
Tootsie-Roll Toeside front-roll with a backside 180. Shane Bonifay
The Trifecta A front-roll Scarecrow. Bob Soven
Tweetybird An air Whirlybird. Shaun Murray
Vulcan A S-Bend with a frontside 180. Parks Bonifay
Whirlybird A tantrum with a backside 360 performed by rotating the handle above the head. (First landed by Parks Bonifay). Bill McCaffray
Whirlydick A Whirlybird with a handle-passed backside 360 after the first overhead spin. Phil Soven
Wrecking Ball A wrapped tantrum with a backside 360.
(A wrapped Moby Dick).
Matt Hickman
X-Mobe A switch toeside backroll with a frontside 360.
(A switch Pete Rose).
Darin Shapiro